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aaah hi blog. i had a rly great day today!!! me and my family went to the mall as a late birthday present, it was so fun. we had lunch in the food court (which was huge, the food and the court) then we booped around places just talking the whole time about whatever. we got me some makeup !!! just very basic stuff but it still makes me rly excited aaaah (some tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow and eyeliner ^_^ !!!) then we went to a book store and got coffee in the cafe, walked around for a bit and i got two rly cool posters

ヽ(。・ ω・)ノ ヽ(・ω ・。)ノ

then we went clothes shopping for a little bit, got dinner all together and discussed what dnd classes we'd be (im a bard ofc)
and headed home while we listened to music together ^_^ then me and my brothers played smash bros, and after my oldest brother went to bed me and my other brother stayed up rly late watching bullet train together!!! and now im writing this ^_^ a very swell day!! and a swell weekend entirely. oh what a swell world!